Prescription Drugs
Pompton Lakes School District

Note: NJEHP / GSP members are advised to review the below BeneCard Performance Drug Formulary to learn which drugs are covered/not covered; confirm coverage for your prescriptions by contacting BeneCard customer service at (877) 723-6005 or log into your online member portal.
2024 NJEHP / GSP Performance Formulary

How to save on out-of-pocket prescription drug costs...

Mail-Order Pharmacy

Our prescription carrier, BeneCard, fills your mail-order prescriptions through BeneCard Central Fill. When you order your prescriptions for maintenance drugs, a licensed pharmacy fills and delivers your prescription to your home. Mail-order can save you time and money with fewer trips to the pharmacy, and you can usually fill your maintenance prescriptions for a three-month supply at a time.

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Call toll-free: (877) 723-6005
Complete and send: the Mail Service Order Form and your original prescription order to BeneCard Central Fill.

Generic Drugs

Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), generic drugs are as safe and effective as the equivalent brand-name drug, and offer you a way to take control of your health care costs. In certain instances, you have a choice between brand-name and generic drugs. To take advantage of your plan's lower generic copay instead of the higher brand-name copay, ask your physician to prescribe a generic drug or write a prescription that allows for substitution of a generic drug whenever possible.

In New Jersey, if a physician indicates "substitution permissible" or gives no indication at all on the prescription, the pharmacist must substitute a generic drug in place of a brand-name drug. However, you or your physician has the option to advise the pharmacist that a substitution is not permissible if you prefer the brand-name drug.

Keep in mind you may also pay a lower price for certain generic drugs at some retail pharmacies without using your prescription card at the pharmacy window. As your pharmacist for details.

Find more information about generic drugs below:

* FDA Recent Generic Drug Approvals
FDA Generic Drugs: Questions & Answers

Other important information you should know...

Eligible for Medicare?

If you are eligible for Medicare and are enrolled in the District prescription plan, you are enrolled in a 'creditable coverage' plan. This means you will not be penalized when you decide to enroll in a Medicare Part D plan in the future because your District plan is expected to cover your prescription drugs on the same level as a standard Medicare plan. You are provided with a Notice of Creditable Coverage (below) annually; be sure to keep these notices on file. Visit for more information.

2023 Notice of Creditable Coverage
2022 Notice of Creditable Coverage
2021 Notice of Creditable Coverage
2020 Notice of Creditable Coverage
2019 Notice of Creditable Coverage
2018 Notice of Creditable Coverage
2017 Notice of Creditable Coverage
2016 Notice of Creditable Coverage
2015 Notice of Creditable Coverage
2014 Notice of Creditable Coverage