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The Benefits Online website offers you up-to-date information about the benefits available to you as an eligible Warren Hills Regional School District employee. Choose from the drop-down menus above to get started. Visit often to find the latest on your benefits and check the Message Board for current news!



The Warren Hills Regional Board of Education is pleased to offer a complete health benefits package to eligible employees. This package is designed to attract and retain a high-quality staff that is dedicated to our students, schools, and community. The provision of health benefits is an ongoing commitment; we work hard to offer a comprehensive benefits package that provides a sense of security and well-being for you and your family.

Please review this website carefully. We took every effort to include the plan information that is pertinent to our employees. It is always at your fingertips 24/7 for easy reference. If you have questions about your benefits, email Charlene Finn at or call (908) 689-3143 x1048.

Note: While we have taken every precaution to ensure this content is accurate, this website is for informational purposes only. The information here is not intended to be exhaustive or construed as legal advice. In force documents, such as carrier contracts, employment agreements, etc., will prevail in the event of a discrepancy.


Note: the new NJEHP plan has not yet been passed into law. Once enacted and an effective date is determined, we plan to hold a Special Open Enrollment at that time. Watch for coming info. __________________________

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