Dependent Coverage
Jackson School District


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides for medical and prescription coverage through the Jackson Board of Education for your eligible dependent through the end of the month in which he/she turns to age 26. Dental coverage for your dependent child typically ends on the last day of the calendar month in which he/she marries or the birthday on which he/she attains age 19, whichever is first (or 23rd birthday if attending an accredited school, college, or university as a full-time student).

When your child is about to age out of the medical, prescription, or dental plans, it is important that you notify the Health Benefits Department to learn about continuing coverage options such as COBRA, the ACA Health Insurance Marketplace, or the New Jersey Chapter 375 <31 Dependent (DU31) plan.

Qualifying life events (such as marriage, divorce, birth of a child, adoption, or loss of other coverage) allow you to adjust your benefit elections. For instance, newborn children are automatically covered for 60 days from date of birth; to continue coverage beyond the initial 60 days, you must actively enroll your child in the District plans. All other new dependents must be enrolled within 31 days of eligibility.

Contact the Health Benefits Department if you have questions about dependent eligibility.