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Resources for Living EAP
Find support for your well-being 24/7 with Resources for Living. Call (888) 866-4827 or log-in at (username = jacksonschooldistrict / password = eap). See below for info:

September is Suicide Awareness Month. Be informed:
Week Four: Reach out
Week Three: What to do when someone close to you is hurting
Week Two: Be aware of the signs
Week One: How to talk about suicide

More Resources:
Wellness tips for winter
What every man needs to know about mental health
Find the right counselor for you
How do you recharge?
Practicing self-care
Connect with others
Find mental health support

Aetna Wellness
Aetna offers an array of wellness programs for its members. As a Jackson School District employee, you have access to these programs and more. Check out informative resources on health topics, wellness programs, and money-saving discounts designed to help you be healthier: register / log in at your Aetna member website to learn more.

JOIN NOW! ActiveFit+ Fitness Program Flyer

Aetna Wellness Flyers:
Fill up with fruits and veggies: English / Spanish
Give your immune system a boost: English / Spanish
Healthy muscles for a healthier life: English / Spanish
Make time for your mental health: English / Spanish
Bones and joints basics: English / Spanish
Sleep better, feel better: English / Spanish
Love your heart
Find your happy weight

Wellness Matters Newsletters
Our monthly "Wellness Matters" newsletters provide current news on such topics as healthy eating, exercise, stress management, prevention, and much more. Take time to catch up on important health topics! The most recent issues and companion flyers are below.

Looking for a prior issue? Check the Wellness Matters Archives.

Current "Wellness Matters" Issues:
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September 2023
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April 2023
March 2023
February 2023
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December 2022
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Current Companion Flyers:
Elevating Your Resiliency & Do You Have High Blood Pressure?: May 2023
Managing Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms & Are You at Risk?: April 2023
Protecting Your Vision & Tips for Healthy Cooking: March 2023
Keep Your Heart Beating and Winter Driving Safety: February 2023
20-Minute Fitness Challenge & Do You Have High Cholesterol?: January 2023
Emotional Well-being During the Holidays & Walk to Lower Your Risk: December 2022
6 Tips for Diabetes Prevention & Protect Your Child from RSV: November 2022
Stress-free Holidays & Low-Stress Diet: October 2022
Managing Stress an Preparedness Month: September 2022
Brighten Your Outlook and Food Allergy Action Month: May 2022
Managing War-Related Anxiety and Mediterranean Diet Ranks First: April 2022
Managing Uncertainty During the Pandemic and Healthier Phone Use: March 2022
Try Healthier Eating Habits! and Reduce Your Heart Stress: February 2022
Plan to Protect and Mind Your Mental Health: January 2022