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Aetna offers an array of wellness programs for its members. As a Jackson School District employee, you have access to these programs and more. Check out informative resources on health topics, wellness programs, and money-saving discounts designed to help you be healthier: register / log in at your Aetna member website to learn more.

ActiveFit+ Fitness Program Flyer

Be sure to check out our monthly "Wellness Matters" newsletters that provide current news on such topics as healthy eating, exercise, stress management, prevention, and much more. Our most recent issues and companion flyers are below; take time to catch up on important health topics.

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Companion Flyers:
Stress-free Holidays & Low-Stress Diet: October 2022
Managing Stress an Preparedness Month: September 2022
Brighten Your Outlook and Food Allergy Action Month: May 2022
Managing War-Related Anxiety and Mediterranean Diet Ranks First: April 2022
Managing Uncertainty During the Pandemic and Healthier Phone Use: March 2022
Try Healthier Eating Habits! and Reduce Your Heart Stress: February 2022
Plan to Protect and Mind Your Mental Health: January 2022
Fad Diets and Hand Hygiene: December 2021
Celebrate Safely and Fall Back: November 2021
Shoo The Flu and Have You Been Screened?: October 2021
Manage Your Anxiety and Do You Have High Cholesterol?: September 2021
Simple Steps to Social Well-being and Stop Smoking: May 2021
Financial Well-being and Get Up and Move: April 2021
Prioritize Physical Well-being and Cut Back on Sugar: March 2021
Boost Your Mental Well-Being and Cut Back on Salt: February 2021
Mental Health and Cut Back on Caffeine: January 2021
Depressed? and Get Moving: December 2020
Cold, Flu, or COVID-19? and Stop Diabetes: November 2020
Flu Season and Have You Been Screened?: October 2020
Go Bananas and Handwashing: September 2020
10 Ways to Protect Against Coronavirus and Try Meditation: May 2020
Overcoming Loneliness and Getting Enough Calcium?: April 2020
Colorectal Cancer and Get Quality Sleep Checklist: March 2020
Keep Your Heart Beating and How Considerate Have You Been Today?: February 2020
Be Resolved! and Emotional Wellness Checklist: January 2020

Our "Live Well, Work Well" bulletins, regularly distributed and found at the Employee Bulletins page at this website, also offer timely wellness information.

Find more information about specific health topics below:
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