New Jersey Chapter 375 Plan
Dependent <31
Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District

The New Jersey Chapter 375 plan (also known as the <31 Dependent plan) gives eligible adults to age 31 the choice to elect health and prescription coverage under a parent's group health plan.

Who is eligible for the plan? The following conditions must be met to be eligible for Chapter 375:

* Aging-out of a group health plan
* Younger than 31 years old
* New Jersey resident or full-time-student
* Not married; not a parent
* No other health coverage
* Not entitled to Medicare coverage
* Parent is in group health coverage

What is the cost for the plan? Premium costs for your dependent plan are based on the District's current Single-tier plan. Your dependent is fully responsible for these premiums. The carrier bills and collects premiums directly from your dependent.

Your dependent is enrolled as a standalone member; his/her expenses do not impact your plan cost-sharing requirements or limits (e.g. family deductibles, plan maximums).

How does my dependent enroll? Those who are eligible to continue coverage under New Jersey Chapter 375 must enroll within 30 days prior to losing coverage due to aging out. Others who meey eligibility at a later time (e.g., an out-of-state dependent moves back to New Jersey) may be eligible to enroll within 30 days after the event. If the 30-day timeframe is missed, he/she must wait until the next Open Enrollment period.

How long is my dependent eligible? Eligiblity for coverage ends upon one of the below:

* His/her 31st birthday
* Marriage or becoming a parent
* No longer a full-time student or New Jersey resident
* Acquires other health coverage
* Required premiums are not paid
* The parent's plan coverage ends or the plan ends dependent coverage

If a dependent loses eligibility but meets requirements at a later date, he/she can again elect coverage.